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Why Choose Us

Vinyl Wrap Chicago has ensured that the best vehicle wraps in the world have blown into the Windy City. With years of experience conceptualizing, customizing and designing these marvels of mobile advertising, our staff definitely reigns supreme in the realm of vehicle wraps. Making the decision to wrap one of your vehicles—or an entire fleet of business cars—is a big step, which is why we're here to help you the entire way. It's also an incredibly satisfying step, as the results are almost immediate. As soon as you pull into your usual lunch place, there's no doubt that all of the buzz will be about your newly wrapped car. People maintain an inherent curiosity about wrapped automobiles, as they make a bold statement and invite potential customers to initiate a conversation. It can even cause you to look at your business in a new light, based upon the leads that you are getting simply by driving around the city. However, you can't trust a job this complex and nuanced to just any car wrap company. Vinyl Wrap Chicago's brilliant staff has the smarts and the boldness to put together a design that will knock your socks off—as well as your potential clients'. Your company will benefit from our knowledge and skills, honed with years of experience in obtaining the best results for our own clients.