At Vinyl Wrap Chicago, we use comprehensive procedures to install vinyl wraps on different types of vehicles in the Chicago metropolitan area. Our skilled technicians prepare vehicles for vinyl wrapping by following several important steps. First, the paint of a car has to be thoroughly washed and cleaned with special solvents and chemicals that remove smudges, marks, debris and other things that might interfere with the installation of vinyl wrappings. We also fill in any minor scratches, cracks and other uneven surfaces on body paint to prepare the vinyl wraps for a long-lasting bond. Our vinyl graphics have adhesive surfaces that are actually engineered to stick to various types of paint textures that are not uniform. In fact, the vinyl films are available in concave and convex curvature to account for any irregular bumps and dents on the exterior of vehicles. By reflecting incoming light from other cars, such curved finishes actually improve visibility of the custom graphics in the day and night. Vinyl Wrap Chicago also has the artistic creativity to select the most appropriate colors for vinyl sheets that are applied on vehicles. For example, we choose wraps that create stark contrasts with the existing finish of a car. It is important for the graphics on the vinyl wrappings to stand out on the road and in the streets in the Chicago metropolitan region.

Vehicle Wraps by Vinyl Wrap Chicago